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Create tags for emails in Airtable

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

There are plenty of integrations on Airtable that allows you to send emails based on the records and entries you have. But what about saving emails to your Airtable base?

If you haven’t already heard, TaskRobin can help you save emails to Airtable with all your attachments! TaskRobin provides a private robot inbox for you to forward the emails you want to save, then we will take care of everything else! All your email information such as the email subject, sender, cc, timestamps and attachments will all be automatically saved to Airtable once you set up the integration with your base.

Our official Airtable extension is now available on Airtable Marketplace! Add the TaskRobin extension to your Airtable base to start saving emails to Airtable.

The official TaskRobin extension on Airtable marketplace
The official TaskRobin extension on Airtable marketplace

One of the lesser known feature of TaskRobin is that you can actually tag and categories emails while you are sending, BCC-ing or forwarding to your TaskRobin inbox!

How to tag emails in Airtable

Add hashtags to emails when sending them to TaskRobin to add tags in Airtable
Tag emails while you save them to Airtable

All you have to do is to include a #hashtag on the first line of the email message body or in the subject line as you forward them to your TaskRobin inbox.

For example, if I want to tag this email as “Important“, I will click the forward button in my email inbox, and on the very top of the email message, I will add a line with “#Important”. As aforementioned, it is important for the hashtag to be case sensitive and match the tag you have created in Airtable exactly!

We are exploring options to create new tags for you automatically but that is still in the pipeline. So for now, you will need to manually create any new tags that you want to use in Airtable table first. It is slightly tedious but you only need to do this once. After that, you can categorize and filter your emails in Airtable as you save them! Saves a lot of time, doesn’t it?

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