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How we protect your data

Data security is our top priority. Learn more about how we safe guard your email data.

What email data is stored by TaskRobin?

All emails are processed once and deleted forever when they reach your TaskRobin inbox. The only data that we store on your behalf is file based information such as the images in your email body or your attachment files.

The reason that we need to store the email files is the mechanism which Notion and Airtable accepts programmatic file uploads. Unfortunately there are no other alternative methods.


How does TaskRobin secure my data?

We utilize state of the art, virtually impenetrable symmetric encryption algorithm called AES 256 to encrypt your data. Your data is encrypted while being transmitted over the internet and also during the time it stays in our cloud storage solution.

By default, your attachment and media files are made available directly in Notion and Airtable with a unique sharing URL. To enhance the security of your data, we recommend turning off the "Save attachments and files directly to Notion and Airtable" option in your settings. This will increase the security control and only allow the authenticated TaskRobin user to access the files via a secure and encrypted URL.


Can I request my data to be deleted?

Yes you can. Simply reach out to us via the live chat to submit a request for data deletion.

Get in Touch

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