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Save emails to Airtable

Integrate emails into Airtable, build dashboards and improve productivity.

7 day free trial, no credit card required

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The Official Airtable Extension

Get our official Airtable extension. Add TaskRobin to your existing Airtable base in just one click!

Emails to Airtable tables

TaskRobin connects your email inboxes to Airtable to create integrated CRMs, task lists, and project management tools. With TaskRobin, you can boost your productivity and collaborate with teams.

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Integrate Gmail, Outlook and all email inboxes with Airtable via TaskRobin

Integrate Gmail, Outlook and more!

Forward your email to our robot inbox after signing up. Give it a minute and our robot will automatically add your email to your Airtable with all your attachments and meta data

Customise which email meta data to be saved to Airtable by TaskRobin

Customise which email meta data to be saved

Use email meta data such as subject line, sender email address and attachment file names to create powerful workflows in Airtable with filtering and sorting.

Automated rules to fill in custom Airtable fields with every new email that arrives

Automated rules to fill in custom Airtable fields

Use different TaskRobin inboxes to manage workflows. Create a new item in Airtable and automatically fill in customisable values for your Airtable fields whenever a new email arrives.

Save email attachments to Airtable and download files directly with TaskRobin

Download email attachments in Airtable

All your attachments can be saved directly to Airtable. Available for download.

Create and manage email contacts and build CRM in Airtable with TaskRobin

Track all your email contacts and interactions

Create a contacts table that is automatically updated by TaskRobin to keep track of all your contact details, first and last interaction dates.

You can send, forward or BCC emails to TaskRobin to have them saved to Airtable

Send, BCC or auto forward emails to Airtable

BCC TaskRobin to save an outgoing email. Set up forwarding rules to auto save emails from a particular sender or with certain keywords.

Link multiple Airtable pages to your email with TaskRobin and save emails to different bases

Save emails to different Airtable tables

Choose and link a TaskRobin inbox to each Airtable tables to save emails to different databases. Works across different bases.

Use hashtags when sending emails to TaskRobin to add tags in Airtable base table

Tag and prioritise emails in Airtable

Include a line of #hashtags when you forward your emails to TaskRobin to tag and organise them in Airtable. Then you can easily filter and prioritize your emails.

Organise and create views of your emails in Airtable based on their fields meta data attributes

Easily filter email tasks by tags and other properties

Create a filter view in Notion according to email meta data that are saved to respective columns. Managing your tasks has never been easier!

Subscriptions start from $4.99/month

You are in good hands

Loved by professionals across industries

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